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RAD55RAD55-003reviewedTestable 0 1 The Imaging Document Consumer can map the Retrieve AE Title of the SOP Instance to the web server host information based on its local configuration124Section 5:55:41 PM by jdramou
RAD55RAD55-009reviewedTestable 0 1 optional parameter, name: charset description: Charset of the response125Section 5:56:06 PM by jdramou
RAD55RAD55-010reviewedTestable 0 1 optional parameter, name: anonymize description: Anonymize object125Section 5:56:09 PM by jdramou
RAD55RAD55-011reviewedTestable 0 1 optional parameter, name: annotation description: Annotation of the object125Section 5:56:12 PM by jdramou
RAD55RAD55-012reviewedTestable 0 1 optional parameter, name: rows description: Number of pixel rows125Section 5:56:15 PM by jdramou
RAD55RAD55-013reviewedTestable 0 1 optional parameter, name: columns description: Number of pixel columns125Section 5:56:17 PM by jdramou
RAD55RAD55-014reviewedTestable 0 1 optional parameter, name: region description: Region of image125Section 5:56:19 PM by jdramou
RAD55RAD55-015reviewedTestable 0 1 optional parameter, name: windowCenter description: Window center of the image125Section 5:56:22 PM by jdramou
RAD55RAD55-016reviewedTestable 0 1 optional parameter, name: windowWidth description: Window width of the image125Section 5:56:24 PM by jdramou
RAD55RAD55-017reviewedTestable 0 1 optional parameter, name: frameNumber description: Frame number of the single frame in a multi-frame image125Section 5:56:27 PM by jdramou
RAD55RAD55-018reviewedTestable 0 1 optional parameter, name: imageQuality description: Image quality factor125Section 5:56:31 PM by jdramou
RAD55RAD55-019reviewedTestable 0 1 optional parameter, name: presentationUID description: Unique identifier of the presentation object125Section 5:56:33 PM by jdramou
RAD55RAD55-020reviewedTestable 0 1 optional parameter, name: presentationSeriesUID description: Unique identifier of the series containing the presentation object125Section 5:56:35 PM by jdramou
RAD55RAD55-021reviewedTestable 0 1 optional parameter, name: transferSyntax description: Transfer syntax UID used with DICOM image object returned in the response125Section 11:40:50 AM by xfrancois
RAD55RAD55-026reviewedTestable 0 1 Shall return HTTP response code 404 (Not Found) if the Imaging Document Consumer requested retrieval of rejected DICOM SOP Instance(s) referenced in that KOS. Rejected SOP Instances are marked with Document Title valued (113001, DCM, “Rejected for Quality Reasons”), (113037, 2855 DCM, “Rejected for Patient Safety Reasons”), (113038, DCM, “Incorrect Modality Worklist Entry) or (113039, DCM, “Data Retention Policy Expired")126Section 5:57:11 PM by jdramou
RAD68RAD68-002reviewedTestable 0 1 A previously submitted document or the contents of a previously submitted manifest changes, requiring the Imaging Document Source to submit an update... which triggers a Provide and Register Imaging Document Set – MTOM/XOP Request message172Section 4:14:24 PM by jdramou
RAD68RAD68-006reviewedTestable 0 1 The Imaging Document Source shall ensure that the DICOM SOP Instances referenced from within the manifest are available to be retrieved. If the Imaging Document Source makes one or more SOP Instances unavailable that are referenced in a published manifest, then it shall submit a new manifest as a replacement for the published manifest already in the Document Repository and Document Registry (see IHE ITI TF-3: “Document Relationships”). The new manifest shall have the updated list of DICOM SOP Instances with the unavailable instances removed. 173Section 4:17:13 PM by jdramou
RAD68RAD68-007reviewedTestable 0 1 If the Imaging Document Source makes all referenced DICOM SOP Instances unavailable in a published manifest, then it shall deprecate the published manifest without any replacement (IHE ITI XDS Metadata Update Supplement). 174Section 4:17:13 PM by jdramou
RAD68RAD68-012reviewedTestable 0 1 Imaging Document Source set to NONEthe Imaging Document Source shall support shared reports in at least one of the following formats:CDA Imaging Report with Structured HeadingsCDA Wrapped Text ReportPDF Report 174Section 1/18/17 3:47:24 PM by jdramou
RAD68RAD68-013reviewedTestable 0 1 The CDA R2 Header and Body shall conform to the HL7 Clinical Document Architecture Release 2.0. The report content shall be encoded in the StructuredBody element and shall use Section elements identified with a code and there shall be no nonXMLBody element. 175Section 1/18/17 4:17:07 PM by jdramou