Gazelle Security Suite


The GAZELLE ATNA Tool gathers several tools dedicated to the testing of ATNA profile. It embedds several features:

  • A Public Key Infrastructure, to share trusted certificates and associated key pairs for testing
  • A TLS simulator that will simulate clients and servers that can establish secured connection with your system under test (SUT), especially for ATNA profile
  • The ATNA questionnaire.

DIGITAL CERTIFICATES for Conformity Assessment Testing :

The CA certificate is available here.


  • TLS SERVER SIMULATORS: To check your SUT as a consumer/client, the tool will act as a server.  You may connect to :
  • TLS CLIENT SIMULATORS: To check your SUT as a provider/server, the tool will act as a client.  You can start a connection from these TLS client simulators. You must be logged to start a connection.