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RAD75RAD75-001The initiating gateway shall specify the 'homeCommunityId' parameter. The parameter shall contain the value that identifies the community associated with the Responding Imaging Gateway(s).
RAD75RAD75-002The Responding Imaging Gateway shall determine the Imaging Document Source(s) which hold the imaging documents requested and initiate a RAD-69 transaction to those Imaging Document Sources.
RAD75RAD75-003If more than one Imaging Document Source is contacted, the Responding Gateway shall consolidate the results from the multiple sources into one response. If both successes and failures are received, the Responding Gateway may choose to use PartialSuccess status to reflect both failure and success. The Responding Gateway may alternatively choose to suppress the failures and report only successes
RAD75RAD75-004Every RegistryError element returned in the response shall have the location attribute set to the homeCommunityId of the Responding Imaging Gateway
RAD75RAD75-005The Initiating Imaging Gateway Actor shall consolidate results from all Responding Imaging Gateways. This includes reflecting in the consolidated results returned to the originating Retrieve Imaging Document Set [RAD-69] all successes and failures received from Responding Imaging Gateways. If one of more responses with a status of failure or partial successes are received from Responding Imaging Gateways, the Initiating Imaging Gateway shall respond to the original RAD-69 request from the Imaging Document Consumer with both DocumentResponse and RegistryErrorList elements in one response and specify PartialSuccess status
RAD75RAD75-006The Initiating and Responding Imaging Gateways shall support the Asynchronous Web Services Methods in the ITI TF-2x: Appendix V.5: Web Services for IHE Transactions
RAD75RAD75-007The Initiating Imaging Gateway shall use the non-anonymous response EPR in the WS-Addressing replyTo header
RAD75RAD75-008Protocol Requirements. I am not sure which affect interoperability and which just pertain to the wsdl definition. TODO. This requires sorting out
XCAIXCAI-001Must support Retrieve Imaging Document Set [RAD-69] transaction.
XCAIXCAI-002Must support Retrieve Imaging Document Set [RAD-69] transaction.
XCAIXCAI-003Must support Retrieve Imaging Document Set [RAD-69] transaction.
XCAIXCAI-004Must support Cross Gateway Retrieve Imaging Document Set [RAD-75] transaction.
XCAIXCAI-005Must support Retrieve Imaging Document Set [RAD-69] transaction.
XCAIXCAI-006Must support Cross Gateway Retrieve Imaging Document Set [RAD-75] transaction.
XCAIXCAI-007Must support the use of Asynchronous Web Services Methods for RAD-75. The documentation does not show an option for async support for RAD-69.
XCAIXCAI-008Must support Asynchronous Web Services Exchange for RAD-69. Async support for RAD-75 is optional.
XCAIXCAI-009Initiate Registry Stored Query [ITI-18] to Initiating Gateway
XCAIXCAI-010Identify which Responding Imaging Gateways and homeCommunityIds.Identify which PID for each Responding Imaging Gateway. (method not specified)Initiate a Cross Gateway Query transaction [ITI-38] to each Responding Gateway
XCAIXCAI-011Initiate a Registry Stored Query [ITI-18] to the local Document Registry. Update the response from the Document Registry to ensure that the homeCommunityId is specified on every applicable element. This updated response is sent as the response.
XCAIXCAI-012Collect the response from all Responding Gateways. Verify that the homeCommunityId is present in each appropriate element