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ACPACP-001to be reviewedTestable 1 0 The Attribute Value must be a child element PatientId in the urn:hl7-org:v3 namespace, with root and extension attributes. 12Section 3.15/24/17 8:53:59 AM by aberge
ACPACP-002to be reviewedTestable 1 0 When specified, only one patient ID may be given in a single policy document, and it must appear as a descendent of <Target> element that is a direct child of the root <Policy> element.12Section 3.15/24/17 8:53:29 AM by aberge
ACPACP-003to be reviewedTestable 1 0 The Home Community ID must be an Object Identifier (OID), using the urn format (that is, urn:oid: appended with the OID). 12Section 3.15/24/17 8:53:48 AM by aberge
ACPACP-004to be reviewedTestable 1 0 Document Class must be a Document Class code defined in the NHIN document metadata specifications. These are LOINC codes12Section 3.15/24/17 8:54:01 AM by aberge
ACPACP-005to be reviewedTestable 1 0 The User ID must be specified as either an e-mail address (rfc822Name) or an X500 name (x500Name)12Section 3.15/24/17 8:54:15 AM by aberge
ACPACP-006to be reviewedTestable 1 0 One of authorPerson or authorInstitution elements should be used to provide information about the author of the Access Consent Policy13Table 15/24/17 8:54:24 AM by aberge
ACPACP-007to be reviewedTestable 1 0 classCode must use the LOINC code 57017-6to represent Access Consent Policy. The description for this code is Privacy Policy.13Table 15/24/17 8:54:26 AM by aberge
ACPACP-008to be reviewedTestable 1 0 The value of the eventCodeList is an OID, which must be prefixed with urn:oid:. Since OIDs do not have a coding scheme, use the value N/A in the coding scheme slot13Table 15/24/17 8:54:32 AM by aberge
ACPACP-009to be reviewedTestable 1 0 Lack of serviceStartTime/serviceStopTime must be interpreted as meaning that the policy is not time limited13Table 15/24/17 8:54:39 AM by aberge
ACPACP-010to be reviewedTestable 1 0 typeCode must use the LOINC code 57017-6 to represent Access Consent Policy. The description for this code is Privacy Policy. 13Table 15/24/17 8:54:52 AM by aberge
AUTHAUTH-035to be reviewedTestable 1 0 Enclosed within the <ds:KeyInfo> element of the <ds:Signature> is the <wsse:SecurityTokenReference> element. This element provides the ability to reference the SAML Assertion.11Section 3.2.25/30/18 4:29:03 PM by aberge
ITI38ITI38-001reviewedTestable 3 0 Initiating Gateway shall specify the homeCommunityId attribute in all Cross-Community Queries which do not contain a patient identifier.128Section 3.38.11/11/16 4:03:34 PM by aboufahj
ITI38ITI38-002reviewedTestable 3 0 For stored queries that rely on concepts that a community may not support, namely associations, folders and submission sets, a Responding Gateway is allowed to respond with zero entries128Section 3.38.11/11/16 4:03:35 PM by aboufahj
ITI38ITI38-003reviewedTestable 3 0 The homeCommunityId attribute is required on the Cross Gateway Query130Section 5:12:45 PM by admin
ITI38ITI38-004reviewedTestable 5 0 homeCommunityId is structured as an OID limited to 64 characters and specified in URI syntax130Section 4:13:13 PM by aboufahj
ITI38ITI38-005reviewedTestable 3 0 The Initiating Gateway shall specify the homeCommunityId parameter within all queries which do not include a patient identifier parameter.131Section 4:03:38 PM by aboufahj
ITI38ITI38-006reviewedTestable 3 0 Each Cross Gateway Query request can have at most one homeCommunityId value.131Section 4:03:39 PM by aboufahj
ITI38ITI38-007reviewedTestable 3 0 If multiple entryUUID or uniqueID values are specified they must all be associated with the same homeCommunityId value131Section 4:03:39 PM by aboufahj
ITI38ITI38-009reviewedTestable 3 0 FindDocuments Stored Query is required for Responding Gateway131Section 3:20:44 PM by aboufahj
ITI38ITI38-010reviewedTestable 1 0 GetDocuments Stored Query is required for Responding Gateway131Section 4:14:19 PM by aboufahj