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ITI21ITI21-13validatedTestable 0 1 When more than one patient information source is available, Field MSH-5-Receiving Application specifies the patient information source that this query is targeting.160Section 12:27:23 PM by aboufahj
ITI21ITI21-15validatedTestable 0 1 The Patient Demographics Supplier shall return the value received in MSH-5 in MSH-3-Sending Application of the RSP^K22 response.160Section 12:27:23 PM by aboufahj
ITI21ITI21-16validatedTestable 0 1 A list shall be published of all Receiving Applications that the Patient Demographics Supplier supports, for the Patient Demographics Consumer to choose from.161Section 12:27:23 PM by aboufahj
ITI21ITI21-23validatedTestable 0 1 In a single-domain environment, the Supplier shall always return the identifier from the Patient ID Domain known by the Patient Demographics Supplier163Section 12:27:23 PM by aboufahj
ITI21ITI21-7validatedTestable 0 1 The Patient Demographics Supplier shall support at least one source of patient demographics160Section 12:27:23 PM by aboufahj
ITI21ITI21-9validatedTestable 0 1 Each query response sent by the Patient Demographics Supplier shall return demographics from a single patient information source.160Section 12:27:23 PM by aboufahj
PDQPDQ-13validatedTestable 0 2 A Patient Demographics Supplier Actor that holds demographic information for a single Patient ID domain shall provide matches in that domain.72Section 8.3.22/5/16 12:27:23 PM by aboufahj
PDQPDQ-14validatedTestable 0 2 In the case where the Patient Demographics Supplier Actor holds demographic information for multiple Patient ID domains, the Patient Demographics Supplier Actor shall return information for the domain associated with MSH-5-Receiving Application and MSH-6-Receiving Facility. 72Section 8.3.22/5/16 12:27:23 PM by aboufahj