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ITI10ITI10-001validatedTestable 0 1 The Patient Identifier Cross-reference Manager shall notify a Patient Identifier Cross-reference Consumer when there is a change in a set of cross-referenced patient identifiers for any of the patient identifiers belonging to Patient Identifier Domains of interest to the consumer.69Section 4:12:59 PM by aberge
ITI10ITI10-003validatedTestable 0 1 The information provided by the Patient Identifier Cross-reference Manager to Patient Identifier Cross-reference Consumers shall only contain a list of cross-referenced identifiers for the domains of interest as configured with the Patient Identifier Cross-reference Manager in two or more of the domains managed by the Patient Identifier Cross-reference Manager.70Section 4:13:12 PM by aberge
ITI10ITI10-008validatedTestable 0 1 The Patient Identifier Cross-reference Manager configuration is expected to have configuration indicating which Consumers are interested in receiving the PIX Update Notification transactions. This configuration information shall include identification of the identity consumer systems interested in receiving notifications and, for each of those systems, a list of the patient identifier domains of interest.70Section 4:13:37 PM by aberge
ITI10ITI10-011validatedTestable 0 1 Each ITI-10 message shall be acknowledged by the HL7 ACK message sent by the receiver of ADT message to its sender. Acknowledgement shall respect ITI TF-2x C.2.3.71Section 4:14:20 PM by aberge
ITI10ITI10-014validatedTestable 0 1 The Patient Identifier Cross-reference Manager Actor shall provide only those attributes within the PID segment that are required by the HL7 standard: PID-3-Patient Identifier List and PID-5-Patient Name.71Section 4:15:25 PM by aberge
ITI10ITI10-015validatedTestable 0 1 The Patient Identifier Cross-reference Manager Actor shall use the field PID-3 Patient Identifier List to convey the Patient IDs uniquely identifying the patient within each Patient Identification Domain for which a Patient ID exists for the specified patient. Each resulting ID returned in PID-3 shall include a fully qualified Assigning Authority component. In other words, the Assigning Authority component returned shall include ALL subcomponents (namespace ID, Universal ID, and Universal ID type).71Section 4:16:11 PM by aberge
ITI10ITI10-016validatedTestable 0 1 To eliminate the issue of multiple name values between Patient Identifier Domains, the Patient Identifier Cross-reference Manager Actor shall return a single space character in field PID-5-Patient Name.71Section 4:16:23 PM by aberge
ITI10ITI10-017validatedTestable 0 1 A single PID segment is sent in which one repetition of PID-3-Patient Identifier List is populated for each of the identifiers in the notification. If the Patient Identifier Cross-reference Manager Actor chooses to send multiple identifiers associated with the same domain, it shall return these identifiers grouped in successive repetitions within the PID-3-Patient Identifier List.72Section 4:16:30 PM by aberge
ITI10ITI10-018validatedTestable 0 1 As is specified by the HL7 Standard, Version 2.5, the PV1 Segment is required. The required field PV1-2-patient class shall contain N (not applicable) to indicate the transmission of patient information outside the context of a visit or encounter. Other fields shall be left blank.72Table 3.10-24/4/16 4:58:24 PM by aberge
ITI10ITI10-019validatedTestable 0 1 The Patient Identifier Cross-reference Consumer, when it receives the ADT^A31 message, shall update its internal identifier information for the affected patient(s) in all domains in which it is interested whenever it receives updated identifier information that results in a change to the cross-referencing of a patient.72Section 4:17:16 PM by aberge
ITI10ITI10-020validatedTestable 0 1 In the case where the returned list of identifiers contains multiple identifiers for a single domain, the Patient Identifier Cross-reference Consumer shall either use ALL of the multiple identifiers from the given domain or it shall ignore ALL of the multiple identifiers from the given domain.72Section 4:29:14 PM by aberge
ITI38ITI38-008reviewedTestable 0 0 If the patient identifier is unknown by the Responding Gateway’s community, the Responding Gateway shall return either a successful response with no elements or an error with errorCode XDSUnknownPatientId, depending on local policy.131Section 9:36:03 AM by
ITI38ITI38-013reviewedTestable 0 0 The Responding Gateway Actor shall pass all parameters into the Registry Stored Query [ITI-18] transaction, when routing to a local XDS Document Registry132Section 9:36:03 AM by
ITI38ITI38-019reviewedTestable 0 0 All XDSMissingHomeCommunityId errors generated by the Initiating Gateway to the document consumer of the internal actor SHALL include, in the context of the message, identification of the Responding Gateway that returned the invalid response and the element or elements that were in error.132Section 11:11:15 AM by aboufahj
ITI38ITI38-020reviewedTestable 0 0 If both successes and failures are received from Responding Gateways, the Initiating Gateway shall return both RegistryObjectList and RegistryErrorList in one response and specify PartialSuccess status.133Section 11:11:15 AM by aboufahj
ITI38ITI38-021reviewedTestable 0 0 If an XDSUnknownPatientId error is returned from a Responding Gateway then the Initiating Gateway shall not include this error in the consolidated results sent to the Document Consumer.133Section 11:11:15 AM by aboufahj
ITI38ITI38-023reviewedTestable 0 0 If $XDSDocumentEntryType parameter is specified, and the Responding Gateway (or underlying XDS community) does support it, the proper information SHALL be returned133Section 11:11:15 AM by aboufahj
ITI38ITI38-024reviewedTestable 0 1 The Initiating Gateway if receiving a Registry Stored Query transaction from a Document Consumer, shall audit as if it were a Document Registry133Section 12:02:14 PM by aberge
ITI38ITI38-025reviewedTestable 0 1 The Initiating Gateway shall audit the Cross Gateway Query as if it were a Document Consumer except that for EventTypeCode the Initiating Gateway shall specify EV(“ITI-38”, “IHE Transactions”, and “Cross Gateway Query”)133Section 12:02:09 PM by aberge
ITI38ITI38-026reviewedTestable 0 1 If Initiating Gateway interacting with a local Document Registry, shall audit as if it were a Document Consumer133Section 12:02:06 PM by aberge